Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers

Hundreds of years ago, the last humans left Earth. After centuries wandering empty space, humanity was welcomes—mostly—by the species that govern the Milky Way, and their generational journey came to an end.
But this is old history. Today the Exodus Fleet is a living relic, a place many are from but few outsiders have seen. When a disaster rocks this already fragile community, those Exodans who have not yet left for alien cities struggle to find their way in an uncertain future. Among them are a mother, a young apprentice, an alien academic, a caretaker for the dead, a man searching for a place to belong, and an archivist, who ensures no one’s story is forgotten. Each has their own voice, but all seek answers to inescapable questions:
Why remain among the stars when there are habitable worlds within reach? And what is the purpose of a ship that has reached its destination?
Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers, #3)Review:
I’ve been living for science fiction lately. This series has been so fun to read these past few months. Check out my review for the first book here and the second HERE. I hadn’t heard of this series until the BookTube SFF Awards but I’m glad to have found them because they’re so fun and interesting and I don’t know why people don’t talk more about this series.
Record of a Spaceborn Few follows a handful of characters that all live on the Exodus. I thought it was so interesting to finally get a view into the spacecraft that has been vaguely talked about in the previous books. I thought it was fascinating to learn about the culture and the day to day life within the Exodus. I loved learning about the different characters. There was one character that was a visiting alien and was learning about life on the Exodus and I adored them. They asked such good questions and I appreciated it.
The characters are the life of this book. We follow a few different perspectives which was a little annoying at first because it didn’t seem like they were going to come together. They did eventually, but not in the way I expected.
One of my favorite things about this series is the diversity. This book (and the previous two) have such a variety of characters that’s done in such a unique way. The author has come up with gender neutral pronouns. There are so many sexualities and species and genders and species. This series is probably the most diverse that I’ve ever read and I love every part of it.
Overall, I don’t think I liked this book as much as the first two, but I still really enjoyed it. I’d recommend this book to anyone that loves character driven stories because this series has minimal plot and focuses mainly on the characters and their development.

Keep on reading lovelies, Amanda.

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