Blogmas Day Ten – Christmas Traditions

Hello, book friends! Today we will be talking about our favorite Christmas traditions, things we hope to turn into traditions, all things we love doing every year around the Christmas season!

Amanda’s Christmas Traditions

This is the first year that I will not be celebrating Christmas in my hometown. My husband and I usually fly/drive/however we travel back to our hometown and celebrate with our families, splitting our time between our two families. Earlier this year, I gave birth to our daughter, Olivia, so this is the first year that we are really our own family for the holidays. Because of this, we will not be traveling for Christmas and we will be having our first Christmas together as just our little family. I’m honestly so excited for our first holiday together. This first year is when we will figure out which traditions we want to continue and which we want to create for our family.

One of my favorite parts of the holidays are all the ridiculous and silly movies there are to watch. There will be a separate post about our favorite movies, but they’re an important part of the holidays so they need to be mentioned. Watching the various Christmas and holiday movies are the first step of getting in the holiday spirit!

The next step is getting a Christmas tree and decorating the house! My husband and I have decided on low-key decorations on the outside of the house. We have put up white, icicle looking lights. Festive, but not overboard. Next, the Christmas tree. This was our first disagreement of the season. He grew up with a fake tree, but I grew up going to the tree farm, running around with my siblings-hiding in the trees- trying to find the biggest most ridiculous tree there was. Taking it home and decorating with buckets of ornaments and lights and the scent of pine filling the room. I won this battle this year, but I think I will have to convince him every year that we need to have a real live tree. There’s just something about the smell of a Christmas tree that gets me in the true Christmas mood.

Now that I have a child of my own, I’d like to create a few new traditions. The most important one is going to be Christmas Eve. Though my daughter will only be four months old, I’m still going to do it. She will be getting a new pair of pajamas and a book to open (or be opened for her) on Christmas Eve so we can read a new book together before bed (and she can get excited for new books as she gets older.) I already have several books purchased and wrapped for Olivia’s gifts this year, but I am excited to picking one and spending time reading it together on Christmas Eve. I am excited to start our own family traditions.

Another favorite tradition is Christmas treats. I love to bake, regardless of the time of year it is. But Christmas allows for so many different kinds of delicious treats. Cookies, brownies, pies, candy, hot coco with marshmallows! All the goodies. I am excited to come up with my own ideas for yearly treats, especially once Olivia gets older and we can start baking together.

Finally, Christmas morning. Waking up, making coffee, gathering together with sleep in our eyes in our coziest pajamas. Opening gifts, making breakfast. Spending time with loved ones. It will be interesting this year not gathering with my whole family in the afternoon for a wonderful dinner full of good food and family. I’m looking forward to seeing how this holiday plays out. I’m sure my husband will cook a wonderful dinner, we will probably cook it together. Ending the day with one last Christmas movie and some snuggles on the couch.

Antonia’s Christmas Traditions

I don’t have nearly as many traditions as Amanda. My family had tons growing up but now that we all live apart we don’t really follow them anymore. However, there are a few that my husband and I have.

Christmas pajamas. This was one from my childhood that I introduced my husband to. My mother still sends me and my siblings (and the grandkids) pajamas every year to open and wear on Christmas Eve. It continues to be one of my favorite parts of the season.

Another one is waking up early on Christmas morning. This was something my siblings and I did since before I can remember. My oldest brother would wake all of us up around 4 or 5 in the morning and we would sneak downstairs to find our stockings. It was the only thing we were allowed to touch before our parents woke up and we had so much fun quietly playing with the little toys by the light of the Christmas tree. Now that I’m an adult, I don’t wake up quite that early anymore but it’s never going to be a day when I sleep in.

The last tradition is waffles. After our parents finally woke up, mom would get out the waffle maker (it was basically the only day each year that it got used) and we would have a giant waffle breakfast together before opening presents. My husband and I do this still (and it’s still pretty much the only day the waffle maker comes out of its box).

What are your favorite things to do around the holidays? Do we share any traditions? What are you looking forward to the most this holiday season?

Have any thoughts?

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