ABC Book Challenge |P|

Hello, Bookworms! This week we are talking about books with the letter P.

For those of you that are new here – each week we post about books beginning with a specific letter of the alphabet starting with A all the way through Z. We’re going to mention one or sometimes a few books that were memorable with the letter of the week and also books that are sadly still living on our TBR lists. So without further ado.

Read last week’s post here.

This week’s letter is – P.

Most Memorable Books


Paper Towns by John Green


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


Books Still on Our TBR Lists


Part of Your World (A Twisted Tale) by Liz Braswell


P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han


What books do you love or still need to read with the letter P?

8 thoughts on “ABC Book Challenge |P|

      1. I have it sitting on my table! It’s on my list to read this week, before the Barnes & Noble book club Wednesday night. I got it on release, but wanted to wait until closer to the book club meeting to actually read it! I’m going to the Inner Harbor Barnes & Noble, will you be going?

        1. Mines sitting on my table too. I’m like ten pages in and waiting until I have time to binge read it all in one sitting. I won’t be going sadly. I just had a baby and she makes things like book club a little hard to manage. Maybe in a few months I’ll join!

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